DevOps JavaScript Developer: Browser Automation and QA

We’re HackNotice – we provide our clients with a complete platform to prevent account takeover and fraud, while building security habits and a culture of security.  We’re looking for passionate, dedicated folks who want to join us in the fight against cybercrime.

HackNotice is looking for an experienced DevOps JavaScript Developer with a track record of building, developing, and expanding QA and browser automation / web scraping, both in a manual and automated fashion .  If you’ve previously executed successful automated QA practices, including using browser automation, and love interesting and challenging projects,, this would be a great way to expand your skill set and contribute to a very exciting and challenging project.

This is also a great way to enter the world of cybersecurity development.

Our ideal candidate should be an organized, detail-oriented, self-starter who can engage with changing technologies, make use of automation technology, both for contributing to the QA framework and to scrape meaningful data.

You’re a perfect fit for this role if you:

  • Care about quality process
  • Are detail oriented and flexible
  • Can implement best practices and suggest impactful improvements
  • Feel comfortable accepting and overcoming new challenges

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Building/contributing to QA and web scraping
  • Work with development team to quickly identify potential issues
  • Setting up and maintaining continuous integration jobs 

Some of the Qualities We’re Looking For:

  • 2+ Years working with JavaScript, Node and Express
  • Proficient selenium, postman, and Axios (or any alternative automation tools)
  • MongoDB experience
  • ELK: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana experience
  • Communicates effectively internally and externally, cross-functional and team levels
  • Ability to step into unfamiliar situations and solve them
  • Ability to understand and identify QAs best practices
  • 2+ Years working with automation tools
  • 2+ Years working with AWS
  • Familiarity with security / cybersecurity is a plus
  • Self-starter, can take a general project and run
  • Coachable, well-rounded personality