HackNotice Teams WEBINAR

POV: Security Teams

Discover how HackNotice can empower your security team and create a resilient culture of security at your company.
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HackNotice Teams: An Extension of Your Company's Security Team 

In this webinar, we explore the features of HackNotice Teams for security teams, including:

  • How HackNotice drives positive security habits and engagement across the entire workforce
  • How HackNotice’s superior analytics empower security teams to quickly identify and nurture underperforming departments and employees

We also cover the HackNotice 4.0.1 Release, featuring:

  • First-Party Sorting
  • Improved Startup Wizard
  • Deep Dive Videos

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ICYMI: The HackNotice platform just got better.

Check out our new platform here!

With a sleek new user interface, stronger monitoring capabilities, and a better user experience, the new HackNotice platform will help users seamlessly manage their security risks, protect their families, and prevent security incidents. Reach out to the HackNotice team to learn more.

About HackNotice

Hacknotice is the only company-wide threat awareness platform, making employees safer online. Users monitor, review, and take swift actions against their real cyber threats. The platform bridges the gap between security teams and other employees through real-time alerts, around-the-clock monitoring, recovery recommendations, and a full security training and assessment program. HackNotice’s mission is to make all employees threat-aware, creating a resilient security culture.  Founded in 2019, HackNotice is located in Austin, TX. For more information, visit www.hacknotice.com