Passwordless Series Part 2

HackNotice White Paper Series

The Password Isn’t Dead (and Will Never Die)

Part 2: Why Passwordless Authentication is Bad in Practice

In a World Where Most People Live Online, Going Passwordless Is Reckless

One of the biggest problems with conducting nearly every facet of our personal and professional lives online is that we’re always at risk of our sensitive data becoming exposed. And as we continue to increase our reliance on digital tools at work and home, that risk will only continue to grow.

How can we be safer online? A growing number of cybersecurity vendors believe making the password obsolete is the answer. In the first part of this whitepaper series, we explored why this idea is dangerous in theory. Now, we're diving into why it's also reckless in practice.

Key takeaways:

  1. Passwordless Authentication Can (and Has) Failed
  2. Strong Passwords are Proven to Prevent Theft
  3. Passwordless Vendors Cause More Issues than They Solve
  4. Passwordless Authentication Doesn't Solve the Root Problems of Worsening Cybersecurity Threats
  5. The Answer is Creating Stronger Passwords - Not Eliminating Them

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